Integrated Wellness Program

Tiny Treasures Academy is grounded in wellness. From nutrition during mealtimes, time spent outdoors, and extracurriculars that are offered, all the way to providing opportunities for parent nights out to take a breather, our foundation is built with wellness as a priority.

Mindfulness with Jenn Cody

We are proud to partner with Jenn Cody, a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher who supports both children and staff at Tiny Treasures Academy and University.  Jenn dedicates one day each week to work with children in age-appropriate holistic, stress management techniques.  From babies to preschoolers, the children begin to practice their breathing techniques, emotion labeling, and nervous system regulation during their most formative years.

Mindfulness at a young age helps foster a strong sense of compassion and empathy, as well as, increase a child’s ability to navigate their emotions. Meditation, including movement-based meditation such as yoga, is used to rest the mind, body and spirit. 

Jenn Cody is the founder of Follow Your Bliss, a program and philosophy dedicated to helping people identify what brings them bliss and how they can choose to live in alignment with it every day.  A number of studies in school settings show improved attention and behavior.  Some research has shown benefits for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, school performance, sleep, behavior problems, and eating disorders. All of this is in addition to the physical benefits of an overall calmer nervous system.