Frequently Asked Questions & Questions to Consider when Choosing a Daycare!

What is the price for tuition?

Please request an Information Card in the “Contact Us” section for tuition information.

Tuition does include the extracurriculars and special holiday activities

Is food included in the price?

Yes! All meals/snacks are included and calculated in the tuition price for both full time and part time students.  Extended hours pricing also includes an additional early breakfast or late supper.

Is the outdoor play space near the facility?

Yes!  The outdoor play space has a secure, fully fenced-in entrance that is accessible from inside the school.

Do you have an app that I can download to see my child throughout the day?

Yes!  Our staff is encouraged to securely post photos and videos of the children throughout the day.  The application is only accessible through a unique code that will be provided at registration.

If you are uncomfortable with your child’s photo being posted, please do not hesitate to say so during registration and we will ensure that is taken into account.

What is the registration fee?

$140 one-time fee

Is there a convenient pick-up/drop-off area?

Yes! We have a parking lot and designated spots for easy and safe pick-up and drop-off.

What are your hours of operation?

Standard Hours: 8am – 4pm daily

Extended Hours: 5:30am – 7pm* daily

Open most holidays. Please see holiday question below.

* Staff leaves at 7:30pm. As long as you are registered for the extended hours, you will not be made to feel like you are late picking up your child when you are in fact on time. We do ask that you pick up by 7pm to avoid late fees. The staff uses that time for cleaning and sanitizing.

Do you provide sheets or sleeping bags?

Yes, we will provide this for your child on their first day.

Do I have to provide extra clothes or indoor shoes?

We will provide indoor shoes for your child on their first day and they will keep these shoes at the daycare.  We request that you provide extra clothes on an as-needed basis.  The teacher will inform the parents when extra clothes is needed via the Tiny Treasures Academy APP.

Do you wash the crib sheets/sleeping bag so that I do not have to bring them home weekly?

Yes! we wash the crib sheets and sleeping bags on a weekly basis.  This ensures that we do in fact have clean laundry consistently and saves our parents one more thing they would have to remember on a Monday.  A laundry service picks up the bedding on Fridays and returns them Monday mornings.  Skin sensitive, child detergent is used.

Will the school be open on traditional holidays?

The only time the school will be closed completely is New Years Day, Thanksgiving Weekend, and Christmas Day. 

Pre-registration (at no additional cost) will be requested to confirm whether or not you will be dropping off your child during all additional holidays to ensure our school is appropriately staffed.

Please request an Information Card in the “Contact Us” form for additional details on holiday openings.