Our Mission

At Tiny Treasures Academy we are family first.

By creating a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment, we provide high-quality early education. Using a holistic approach, we embrace the discovery of how we all uniquely learn, engaging both body and mind–from mealtime to playtime

Our Vision

To provide every parent with peace of mind so they can amplify their attention to the other aspects of their lives.

The 21st century has brought about new challenges and requires new ways of caring for the next generations. Our children are faced with exciting new technologies and ways of exploring the world, while being introduced to new stress triggers and overwhelming information in today’s environment. Our goal is to empower our Tiny Treasures family to be confident, prepared, and mentally well-balanced to take on the challenges that are yet to come our way.

What does early childhood education mean to our Academy?

The decision families make when choosing to invest in early childhood education is one that is incomparable to choosing between childcare in a school setting or in your personal home (nanny/babysitter/family support). These critical years are spent learning how to learn – and a positive, attentive, and guided experience will set your child up to be a lifelong learner. We use the the center setting to teach them how to learn and consider ourselves to be “brain builders”. Every element of the day is used as a learning opportunity, whether it’s sharing meals with friends, transitioning from one activity to another, understanding their emotions, learning about manners, or exposing them to a new activity, every single element of the day is a learning opportunity beyond the ABCs and 123s. Psychology demonstrates that the first years of a child’s life are critical to set the foundations for the future. We are determined to use the time your kids spend with Tiny Treasures to set them up to be their most unique, successful learners.